Curious Pets Make Us Laugh!

Do you have a curious cat around your house?  Are you looking to play a prank on your puppy?  This is the app for you!  Just fire it up, tap a few choices, hit the start button then set it down and stand back... let the fun begin!

0.99 USD

Key Features

  • No setup required, just launch it and go

  • Comes with over 40 sounds

See what pet owners are saying!

This app is quick and easy fun

Tried it out on my kitten - of course kittens are curious, so she went to see what was making the noise. It worked!!


My 3 cats loved it!

This is a pretty fun app. My cats REALLY responded to the "Cat Meow Mad" sound and even batted my iPhone around a little when we played it. My wife and I laughed a LOT as we watched the cats try to figure out what was going on. They didn't care for the dog sounds! Ha! Really, this app is fun and the cat's seem to enjoy it - although they do get a little anxious whenever I pick up my iPhone now :)